Phone Number Formats

For the listed countries, please use the following format:
City/Area Code + Phone Number (ex. 3335555555)

USA Barbados Grenada Saint Kitts and Nevis
Canada Bermuda Guam Saint Lucia
American Samoa British Virgin Islands Jamaica Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Anguila Caymen Islands Montserrat Trinidad and Tobago
Antigua and Barbuda Dominica Northern Mariana Islands Turks and Caicos Islands
Bahamas Dominican Republic Puerto Rico U.S. Virgin Islands

All other countries, please use this format:
011 + Country Code + City/Area Code + Phone Number (ex. 011223335555555)

Available International Destinations are subject to change without prior notice.

Add Airtime from Card

The Airtime PIN is a group of numbers found on the back of your TracFone Prepaid Wireless Airtime card or the Airtime PIN code(s) found on your retail cash register receipt.
Add Another Airtime Card
To find your phone number.
  1. Select the "Menu" option on your phone.
  2. Select the "Prepaid" option.
  3. Select the "Phone Number" option.
Your phone number should be displayed on your screen.

A promotional code is a five digit number that entitles the bearer to participate in special programs or receive special offers.

Please note: Promotional codes are sometimes used in conjunction with other requirements (i.e. specific geographic markets) in order to qualify for the stated benefits.


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Frequent Numbers

Set Up International Frequent Numbers

Get up to ten 1-800 numbers to call family and friends in any of the hundreds of international destinations we cover worldwide.

In the chart below, enter a name or a text-reference for the family member or friend whom you would like to assign a 1-800 number.

Enter the phone number of that person (destination phone number), using digits 0 through 9 only without spaces or any other characters. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW CORRECT PHONE NUMBER FORMAT.(Not all countries are entered the same.)

Repeat steps 1 and 2 for every phone number you want to assign.

Finally, click the "SAVE MY NUMBERS" button.


Save the 1-800 numbers as speed dial numbers on your TracFone handset, so that you just press one key to call them!


The destination phone numbers must be working phone numbers within any of the hundreds of international destinations included in TracFone’s worldwide coverage.

If you have gone past your Sevice End date and your service is deactivated you will lose your registered Frequent Numbers. If that's the case, please come back to this page and reassign your most frequent international numbers again.